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Website Design


If Facebook represents the social side of your business then a Website is without a doubt where sales happen! Thanks to the COVID19 pandemic that hit our globe, the last few digital media stragglers finally realised the importance of having a solid online presence and many have shifted their energy at relooking their website design.

Share texts, images, polls and interact more with your followers

Trust me when I say that your website design does not need to be complicated! In fact, simple and sweet is where we like to be… professional and to the point ready to welcome potential clients and introduce them to your products and services.

The Marketing Designer


What is the deal with hosting?

You are free to register your domain and take out a hosting package with pretty much anyone but please take into consideration that this may cause some delays. When you host your website with The Marketing Designer & Co it’s easy for us to get what we need when we need it, to continue building your website instead of waiting for “Dear John” from whatever call centre to provide your cpanel details or explain why something isn’t working. Be sure to check out our hosting options!

What is site maintenance?

Owning a website is like welcoming a toddler into your family. You don’t just have a baby and leave it to fend for itself! You make sure they brush their teeth, comb their hair and look super cute at church on Sundays – ha ha. The same applies to a website… not only do you need a backup of your website (lets just avoid ever losing your website if/when the shit hits the fan – trust me it often does) but there are also plugins that need to be updated to keep your site fully functional. A maintenance plan takes care of exactly this. A maintenance plan does not include custom updates or adding new content, think of it more like an insurance policy.


makes our world go round but unfortunately this is often the part that takes the longest. This is also the part that only you (our client) can do. Our advice is to try and stay as organised with your content as possible and to always think from your ideal client’s point of few. Although you might know all your SKU codes, your clients will most certainly not, so keep it simple and use terminology that your clients are familiar with or better yet, could potentially be googling. Yes, they want to know a little about you as not everyone visiting your website is already a client of yours. Stock images are great but they do not provide a real feel for what your business is about so ideally book a photoshoot to get recent pics of your setup. We have awesome photographers available, ready to assist so do ask if you need assistance and we’ll hook you up!

WordPress is the go-to industry standard

…when it comes to website design. As a result we choose to work within WordPress for all of our website builds including online stores. Heard about Shopify and adamant that you want a Shopify site? No problem, we do have a Shopify Queen on call ready to assist so we’ve got you covered! But Shopify and WordPress is where we draw the line!


Our Pricing

Standard Website

1-5 Content Page WordPress Website
R 5000* once off fee (ex VAT)
  • 1 - 5 Content Pages
  • Up to 3 Contact Forms
  • Speed Improvements
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Anti-spam & General Site Security
  • Linking of Social Media Pixel (if provided)
  • Fully Responsive Design (Mobile-friendly Design)
  • SSL Certificate (If Hosted With MD&C)

ecommerce website

Secure WordPress Online Store
R 9600* starting from R9600 once off (ex VAT)
  • 1 - 5 Content Pages
  • Up to 3 Contact Forms
  • WooCommerce Store Setup
  • WooCommerce Stock Control
  • Loading of 20 - 30 store products
  • Anti-spam & General Site Security
  • Linking of Social Media Pixel (if provided)
  • Fully Responsive Design (Mobile-friendly Design)
  • SSL Certificate (If Hosted With MD&C)
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Speed Improvements

Our Work

Our Latest Projects

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Case Study One

Once in a while, you’re given an opportunity at something that truly compels you that gets your gears revolving at max speed 

dummy case study - Website Design

Case Study Two

We get pretty geeked up about this web design thing, but why wouldn’t we? When an opportunity like a new business comes 

dummy case study - Website Design

Case Study Three

We set out to create a highly-optimized, Google-friendly e-commerce website for our friends at Self Reliance Outfitters 

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